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Mechanical keyboard group buys

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Mechanical keyboard group buys

Mechanical keyboard users love to customize their keyboards so they have something different from the masses. A number of sites have popped up to cater to and fill this desire of mechanical keyboard users. Theses sites are usually called “group buys”, where a product must get a certain number of pre-orders before it’s guaranteed to be produced, and usually only in a limited-time run.


This lets mechanical keyboard enthusiasts get some really cool and unique gear that only a handful of others will ever have! Perfect to add some character to your perfect mechanical keyboard, or adding a little excitement to your cubicle. Let’s get into some specific sites you can look at for these group buys.



massdrop mechanical keyboard

MassDrop is a quickly growing indie group buy site for a wide variety of products, and they currently have 16 active group buys for mechanical keyboards or mechanical keyboard accessories. One of their most popular group buys has been the Infinity Keyboard, a 60% keyboard kit that you assemble yourself. It’s just a fraction of the cost of the other 60% mechanical keyboards on the market, showing you the power of group buys.

Some of their other group buys have been things like mechanical keycaps (even in metal), and a bluetooth keyboard adapter. You may need to sign up before you can view all available options.


Pimp My Keyboard

mechanical keyboard keycaps custom


Pimp My Keyboard focuses strictly on mechanical keyboard keycaps, and gives everyone the ability to design something for the entire community to enjoy. The way it works is you can submit a keyboard design, and if at least 100 people vote for it, you can attempt a group buy! You can view the current group buys, and you’ll need an account to purchase anything or vote on ideas.



ctrl alt keycaps

[CTRL]ALT is similar to Pimp My Keyboard in that they both focus on keycaps, but [CTRL]ALT isn’t user-driven. They design the keycaps themselves and do a damn good job at it. If you take a look at their past and current group buys, you can see they’re not afraid of getting wild with their designs. A true situation of mechanical keyboard keycaps for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.


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