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Corsair K70 vs. Razer BlackWidow

Corsair K70 vs. Razer BlackWidow

The two most popular keyboards for gaming are without a doubt the Corsair K70 and Razer BlackWidow. Both of these are the flagship keyboard product lines of their respective company and are packed with great features.  Both the K70 and the BlackWidow are available with one-color LED lighting or RGB backlighting, and they’re usually priced very similarly.

Check out the table below comparing the main differences between these two mechanical keyboards, and then we’ll jump into a more detailed explanation below.

Keyboard Switches  Special Keys Rollover Extras
K70 Cherry Blue, Red, Brown Media NKRO Wrist Rest
Blackwidow Razer Green, Orange 5x Macro 10KRO Audio Jacks


K70 vs BlackWidow Backlighting

Both of these keyboards come in a variety of different backlighting options. The Corsair K70 can be found with RGB, Red, or Blue LEDs.

The Razer BlackWidow can be purchased with Chroma (RGB), Green, or no backlighting.

So you have some different options for single-color LEDs, but more than likely you’ll want to buy the RGB versions because the colors look so awesome. When it comes to the RGB backlighting, I’d give a slight edge to the Razer BlackWidow Chroma because their lighting software is a little easier to use. Both keyboards put out amazing RGB lighting effects though, so there is no loser here.

razer blackwidow colored keys


K70 vs BlackWidow Switches

corsair k70 switch

Corsair K70 Cherry MX switches

razer green mechanical switch

Razer Green switches

Switches are easily the most important part of a mechanical keyboard. If you didn’t think so, you’d buy a cheaper rubber-dome keyboard instead of spending on quality mechanical switches.

The Corsair K70 uses high-quality Cherry MX mechanical switches for all models of their keyboard. Cherry switches have been around for decades and are well renown for their durability and reliable performance.

Razer used Cherry MX switches in the past, but in the last few years have switched to “their own” Razer switches which are made by Kailh. These switches are essentially a clone of the Cherry MX switches but with a short actuation point, which Razer claims is better for gaming. The reality is, they only save you ~10 milliseconds per keystroke, which is unlikely to have an effect during your game play.

Due to many reports of users running into their Razer switches sticking and Cherry’s sterling reputation, I have to say that the Corsair K70 is the clear winner for best switches.



K70 vs BlackWidow Aesthetic

Both of these keyboards have an excellent build quality to them. When it comes to which of these mechanical keyboards looks better, I have to leave that up to you.

I do prefer the font on the Corsair keys to the font on the Razer keys (compare in the photos above), and I prefer the minimal Caps Lock / Num Lock / Scroll Lock indicators on the K70, but these are highly subjective. Take a good look at both and decide which one looks better to you!


K70 vs BlackWidow Extras

corsair k70 media keys

This might be one of the biggest deciding categories when deciding which keyboard to purchase. The Corsair K70 comes with a detachable wrist rest which looks great, and the non-RGB model comes with contoured and textured FPS gaming keycaps which are great if those are mainly what you play. Also, the dedicated media controls including a volume wheel are extremely useful features.

blackwidow side portsThe Razer BlackWidow has some great features of its own, including 5 dedicated macro keys. The other big extras the BlackWidow delivers are a audio/mic pass-through and a USB pass-through. Depending on your PC set-up and how accessible it is, this could be a vital feature for you.



Corsair K70 and Razer BlackWidow Conclusion

Both these keyboards are closely matched in terms of price and what they deliver. Ultimately, I would suggest you go with your gut towards whichever keyboards seems like it makes the most sense for your home setup. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with the Corsair K70 because I love the dedicated volume wheel and Cherry MX switches.


Corsair K70
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Razer BlackWidow
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