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CODE 104-Key mechanical keyboard review


CODE 104-Key mechanical keyboard review

A quick look



CODE 104



Form factor


Switch and force

Cherry, Various





Key rollover


Keycap type


Weight and dimensions

2.4 lbs, 17.5 x 1.2 x 5.6 in.

Features and accessories

1.8m Micro USB cable with cable tie
Wire keycap puller
USB to PS/2 adapter

The good

Cherry MX switches available in 4 different types.
Awesomely adjustable LED backlighting.
No Logos or branding visible.
Classic, timeless font.
Solid build quality.

The bad

Keys show grease/fingerprints easily.

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Build quality
Switches and stabilizers
Keycap quality
Labels and branding
Bottom Line

A fine mechanical keyboard that's appropriate at a LANparty or the office.

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CODE Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing Images

code keyboard box

The keyboard arrives in a clean, white box. The design philosophy of clean and minimalism is apparent immediately.

code mechanical keyboard unboxing

First sight of the mechanical keyboard with the box cracked open! There’s no branding or logo visible on the keyboard.

code keyboard unpacked

Here’s a view of all the components of the CODE mechanical keyboard unpacked. One keyboard, PS/2 converter, USB cable, WASD cap puller, and user guide.

CODE brown mechanical switches

I’m reviewing a model with Brown Cherry MX switches. You can see the LED lights are top-mounted on the switches.

CODE mechanical keyboard profile

The case is made from ABS plastic and has a slightly textured feel. This appears to be the same type of case used on the WASD 87-key Custom keyboard I reviewed earlier in the year.

CODE media keys

Here, you can see the media and function keys etched into the front side of the keycaps.

rear of CODE keyboard

The back case of the keyboard features 5-way cable routing and heavy rubber pads to prevent any slipping around your desk.

CODE DIP switches

The DIP switch panel on the underside of the mechanical keyboard. These switches are used to change between Mac mode, Dvorak, Colemak, disable OS keys, and more. The full list of their features are listed on the included User Guide.

The White LED backlights have 7 different brightness settings and can be turned off completely. These can be quite bright at their highest setting, and the steel backplate is painted white as well to reflect more light. The CODE mechanical keyboard has onboard memory to save your backlighting brightness preferences. The “Lock” indicator lights are very subtle over the numpad.

CODE status indicator

CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard Verdict

Overall, the CODE 104-Key mechanical keyboard is the most professional looking mechanical keyboard available out there. Any programmer would love to have this keyboard as their main workhorse.

What I really appreciate about this mechanical keyboard that other companies miss on, is this keyboard is designed for professional adults. The CODE line of keyboards can be taken into any place of work and fit in seamlessly without drawing unwanted attention like many “gaming” mechanical keyboards do. Foregoing logo placement on the keyboard was a great choice.

What’s also nice is how many different levels of LED brightness there are. It’s a shame when you have to choose between turning your keyboard backlights off or have them way too bright and intrusive for your liking. Not the case with the CODE keyboards. The lowest brightness setting is pleasantly low-key and not disruptive at all. Given all of the above, it’s no wonder this keyboard was named one of the best mechanical keyboards available.

If you’re thinking about buying a CODE mechanical keyboard, I would highly recommend going with the Clear switches. In my opinion they’re quiet enough for the workplace, and the extra stiffness makes typing a lot more enjoyable.

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Build quality
Switches and stabilizers
Keycap quality
Labels and branding