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Why you should buy a mechanical keyboard

Why you should buy a mechanical keyboard

If you’ve ever used a standard, cheap keyboard like the kind that comes with your store-bought computer, you may ask yourself why you’d want to purchase an expensive mechanical keyboard. What are the benefits of spending the extra money? What should one expect when making the switch? Let’s take a look at those questions and give you some answers.


Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Cherry Switches

The distinction that a mechanical switch brings to your typing isn’t readily visible from the outside. When you start typing with them however, you’ll ask yourself how you’ve gone so long without one. Similar to when you got your first smartphone and realized you could never live without one, the jump is really that large. The tactile feel of the switches can’t truly be put into words, it’s something you need to experience to understand. The keys give pleasant feedback to your touch and snap back to the “ready” position quickly after being released and feel much more lively than a conventional keyboard.

There’s different types of switches that specialize in different tasks, which is why we recommend certain mechanical keyboards for gaming, and other mechanical keyboards perfect for typing. There’s even different keyboards for different operating systems, here’s the best mechanical keyboards for Mac.

For a more technical and detailed approach, read this guide.


Clicky Sounds

The sound of mechanical keyboard switches firing off in rapid succession is lovely and unique in a calming way. Similar to the metal clicks and clacks of old typewriters, there’s something soothing about sound that flows from the board.


Customize Your Experience

One excellent advantage of mechanical keyboards is they’re incredibly customizable to your liking. Different types of switches offer different typing experiences. Some activate the key press sooner than others, some may spring back quicker, some are quieter than others, etc. You can also customize the look of your keyboard by swapping out keycaps, adding o-rings, etc. For a full list of keyboard accessories, check out our article here.


Why Not Invest Now?

You likely use a keyboard all day at work and then come home and spend a few more hours behind a keyboard. Doesn’t it make sense to make that time a more pleasant experience? You probably spend more than $20 on your mattress where you also spend 8 hours a day, so why not your keyboard? If you’re ready to make the commitment, be sure to read our best mechanical keyboards of 2016.


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