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Best computer keyboard for kids

best computer keyboard for kids

Best computer keyboard for kids

Being able to type quickly and accurately is a lifelong skill every child will need for today’s world. In nearly every occupation you’ll be forced to use a keyboard at some point during the day as well as during your entire career going through school.

Children develop an amazing amount of motor skills rapidly as they grow, so smart parents will try to introduce their child to a computer keyboard to aid in their development. The question comes down to, when is the right time to introduce your child to a keyboard. Luckily, there’s great options at every stage of development for your child!

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Best Computer Keyboard for Ages 3 to 6

Once your kid starts to learn their letters and how to spell, they can start to learn typing on a keyboard. In this age range a child doesn’t need to learn perfect form or typing technique, but it will be helpful for them to familiarize themselves with the layout of the keyboard.

What’s great about this Plugable Kids Keyboard is it uses extra large keys, which are beneficial for kids in this age bracket that don’t have fine enough motor skills for standard size keyboard keys. Also, the keys are color-coded so it’s easy for them to spot where the consonants are and where the vowels are. This will help your child learn the layout of the QWERTY keyboard faster.

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Best Computer Keyboard for Ages 7 to 12

Around 7 years old is when most experts recommend learning typing in a more structured format. This ChesterCreek LearningBoard fits all the criteria your child will need to learn and grow their typing skills. It’s a full-sized keyboard with all the keys you’d normally find with regular sized keys. However, the keys are color-coded so consonants, vowels, numbers, and other characters are separate colors making them easier to identify. The lettering on the keys are extra large and bright so keys are easy to find.

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Best Computer Keyboard for Ages 13+

Once your kid starts to enter their teenage years, they should have a very solid grasp on the QWERTY layout and typing in general. They should no longer require special keycaps or any aides, so you can instead look to upgrade them to a nice mechanical keyboard! Check out our list of the best mechanical keyboards to find a great one.

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Learning Typing for Kids

Often times the best way to teach kids proper typing skills is through use of online typing software and in-person instruction. Using typing games will encourage your child to practice by allowing them to have a lot of fun at the same time, but be sure to check in with them every so often to make sure they’re using all their fingers with proper form.

Here’s a list of great online typing games for kids

  • Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure Windows – This software can be downloaded to use on your computer at any time, and features Disney characters that your kids already love.
  • Learning Games for Kids – This site has a wide variety of games for different skill levels.
  • Slime Kids – the games on this site are a lot of fun for young kids and help them get the fundamentals down.
  • Type Racer – if your child has a competitive streak, this site allows kids to compete against others online in a typing race.
  • 10 Fast Fingers – We suggest you create an account for your child and let them do a simple 1-minute typing test every week. This will let them measure their progress and motivate them to get even better as they see improvement.

We have a list of the best keyboards for senior citizens as well which could be something kids could use as they have similar features.


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